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Shinichiro Yokota

代表取締役 横田新一郎

 I am realizing that a poor state continues now because the aging of the engineer is remarkable in the plastic extruded industry, and the technical succession is not done.

 The field of the T-die is formed as the black box because craftsman has the know-how of the duct, and becomes led by a manufacturer by all means, and the reasons why a die became the existing form are often opacity. We pursue a special technique of the one and only that there is only to us by offering joint development and a study as well as a technique to the customer who "I want to leave a technique" "to acquire know-how, and to want to explore a new molding method", and will contribute to the industry in various forms.

 I established my company based on the extrusion experience for my 25 years in thought to "I want to leave a Japanese technique" "want to contribute to the society" while it was thought that manufacturing industry would decrease in future in Japan.

 I study on a technique declined with saying that it's a counterintuitive method by others so far and analyze it, based on a design, as the customer-centered & the only extrusion engineering company, and will provide a technique.


Company name: AXmolding


​CEO: Shin-ichiro Yokota

Head office: 


​Tanzawa Techno Center:



Established: August, 2010

Capital: 20 million yen

Sales: 700 million yen

Clerk: 20 people

​​License: General Construction Permit (General ー4)

No. 89947


〒144-0035 東京都大田区南蒲田2-8-2 CINZA101
TEL:03-6424-4675 FAX:03-6424-4676


〒257-0031 神奈川県秦野市曽屋553-1

TEL:0463-68-8223 FAX:0463-57-8276

ベーグルおたべ (ベーグル販売)

〒254-0045 神奈川県平塚市見附町19-7 AZUL Grand 1F

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