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made-to-order only


 We handle our product by the perfection build-to-order manufacturing that put the peripheral device & facilities which are indispensable to the extrusion including  the T-die together at convenience of each customer.
Like the customer who had you favor it, I take pride in a new customer being surely satisfied until now. Please see our line up of products from the following pages.


The T-die is a tool molding resin evenly which puts two pieces of large metal with the duct together inside and uses it.


・Film T-die

・Sheet T‐die

・Laminate T-die

・Coater T-die

​・Multi-hole nozzle die

​・Hollow T-die

・Auto die

multi layer die

multi layer


・Choke bar type

・Exchange lip type

・Multi-layer type

・Fish tail

heat bolt




Manual / Automatic

We can be manufactured by any heat-bolt. We take a lot of special order products from each company.​There is us's original model, too. Please order it if needed.

special die


hastelloy die


・Three-layer Thick plate T‐die 20mm or more

・Special FB with Multi-layer T-die (including                package)

・T-die for both Thick plate and Film

・Circular-die for Foaming

・Rip-edge R0.01mm or less

・T-die for Sheet with Automatic-Dickel

・Width 1000mm FishTail-die

・T-die for PVC, T-die for TPU

・T-die for  Fluorine (made by large Hastelloy)

・Automatic Heat-Bolt T-die for high temperature

・Small pitch Heat-Bolt T-die 8.5mm

・Measurement of Heat-Bolt Elongation

・High-precision Coater-die (Super Hard Rip, HIP)

・T-die Decomposing device & T-die reversing device

・possible:The T-die ➛ to 5mm width

     Multi-layer ➛ to 9-layer



 We have knowledge about molding of the resin for fluorine, and we are good at the production with the die of  hastelloy C276 of corrosion‐resistant material. It is difficulty cut materials, and the processing of hastelloy materials takes time more several-fold than normal prehardend steel. Hastelloy materials are self hardening metal and they stiffen and become hard to sharpen it on heat when they process it.

 We understand a characteristic (PFA, FEP, ETFE, PVDF etc) of the fluoric resin and embody fluidity and be good at the mold production of T-die and the tube-die in hastelloy materials.

feed block

We understand the request of the multilayered film of customer and we design the original feed block and produce it.

 The feed block is a die for each layer to join just before T-die.
Multilayering it is available for the feeding blocking. (feed block, multi-manifold), we are available for design & production of the super multilayered feed block system and analyze all of them by resin data. We process the precision list into a lip you like, and measure a core diameter and an edge, and submit it as an inspection sheet.


Other image & drawings ※Enlarge it in a click

feed block

・Choke bar type

・Block laminated type

・Variable vane style

・Triangle block  Plug-     in type

・Slit Plate  style

・and others

feed block

 The feed block for the multi-layer to get on T-die this side has various shapes. It is an accumulation type and a vane type.

 Which shape is good, is different, but our company suggests various shapes, and provide the thing which is match at customer's convenience under various situation.

​Special Extruder

​Special extruder


​​SIZE : Φ12~150mm

・Lifting type extruder

・L/D=36 or more extruder

・Water-cooled type extruder

・Extruder for foaming (gas injection, tandem, etc.)

​・pair, tandem, triple extruder

・Small diameter extruder (Φ12~20mm)

・Extruder for fluorine(abrasion-resistant&anticorrosion HIPcylinder)

・Extruder for recycle

・Extruder for R&D(many pressure gage, with visualization window, with data logger)

・2-axis extruder, gear pump stand, feeder stand

Extruder peripheral equipment here

cast machine



​ We produce a great variety of film devices, accept the request of the customer.

・Small research equipment

・Large and medium-sized film device

・Laminate device

・Thick sheet device

・Longitudinal stretching film device

・Inflation/Sheet/Film (double use study multilayer         film device)

・Original film thickness meter spectral interference         type



robot die

It moves a bolt with a motor and do the coarse adjustment of the film thickness roughly in one minute, and this does exact adjustment with a heat bolt. This is to let oneself store the data of the profile of the coarse adjustment, and not only a person-saving, and accumulation of the know-how, It contributes to shortening of the time to re-operation at the time of the trouble, the resin loss at the time of the setup, energy reduction too. It is valid for a particularly wide T-die.

Robotic arm

robotic arm

 Between a T-die and the extruder which a customer is using now, I install an exclusive robot arm. This robot reads film thickness data with a film thickness meter, and an arm automatically moves to the point needing film thickness adjustment. And It adjust with a Screw Tightenning Macine too.

robotic arm

Automate Your manual T-die

robotic arm

robot arm adjustment of manual T-die

robotic arm 3Ⅾ model
robotic arm
robotic arm
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