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Recruitment information

 Would you like to pursue a special technique of the one and only wth us, and join the design and production teams such as T-die and the extruder, too?

 AXmolding.Co., Ltd., recruits personnel. We demand the personnel who can work shoulder to shoulder to make a good product, with the enthusiasm for industry.If you confirm the offer type of job, Please apply from an application form of the lower, after do confirmation the offer type of job.

Mechanical Design
Mechanical Design

 It's the mechanical design of a die and an extruder and the neighboring parts, using Auto Cad.There are the duties in 3D(solid works) partially, too. We ask that one of you if interested. As it is the build-to-order manufacturing of the special article, It's suitable for the person who wants to challenge a new thing. An inexperienced person in The industry is welcome, too! A lot of seniors without experience to play an active part about T-die and an extruder, too.

Electric Design
Electric Design

 It's work to perform a design of the electric circuit, wiring and the design of the panel, the choice of the electrical components such as a sensor or the motor attached to a machine using ECAD (Wacom) or AutoCAD. Understanding, setting, the operation such as a vision-system, an instrumentation product (temperature, pressure, level, pH, viscosity transmission device), the laser device.

Electricity Control
Electricity Control

 It's work to perform sensing for control and automatic operation by an electrical signal, For a motor, a valve, an air cylinder to operate a machine and facilities according to purpose. It's often in charge of programming from the hardware designs such as the designs of the electric circuit consistently.In addition, the person with the field experience of the electric work of the device (film device, extruder, haul-off machine, liquid addition device, devices accumulation in our company), and experience of the PLC touch panel, welcomes you. Using ECAD (Wacom) or AutoCAD.

​Forming Test Operator

It's work to operate and manage of the machine performing the processing of the product. It's only work to be deeply concerned with product production including the quality control of the finished product, and the adjustment of the delicate gap occur by each opportunity, the preparations and the processing of the product material, not only to treat a machines. It's work begun with the without experience. As it is to repeat the same movement many times. It's suitable for the person who does not bother a routine work and the that concentration lasts long.

Clerical Work


※ 作業いずれも軽作業です。

月給 200,000円 ~  

(※想定年収 2,400,000円 ~ 3,000,000円)




※ 勤務時間及び出勤日は応相談




Clerical Work

〇学歴不問 / 未経験OK




(最寄駅:小田急小田原線 秦野駅)

*事務のみ、本社・丹沢テクノセンター 選択可




*休憩時間:60分 (12:00~13:00)
*時間外労働有無:有 月平均20時間







Experience for occupation desired

Thank you for your application.

※After the application form transmission, a transmission completion email arrives. ​Excuse me, please contact "+81-(0)3-6424-4675" when a transmission completion email does not arrive within one minute.

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