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Specialist of T-die&the extrusion

  We are manufacturers making a plastic high-performance extrusion device. It is an enterprise developing the molding device including the die including T-die and a feed block, the medical tube-die, and pursue a special technique of the one and only that only we can do and contribute in various forms.

What is doing?

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Manufacturing and sales related business

design development&manufacture (​​extruder・T-die etc...)

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Analysis related businesses

Analysis CAE (​Flow Analysis・Structure Analysis)

sample forming related business

sample test forming film & tube

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​​Repair & maintenance related business



The word "AXmolding" in the company name means to cut into the mold industry of extrusion so far with an axe.
AXmolding's logo



​ofa old factory


 In 2022, a new factory is open! We did a renovation an old factory. And produce various of machine which was reborn in a new factory!

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