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finetech japan2022🎉

 We exhibited in the "FINETECHJAPAN" which is one of the highest

Highly-functional Material Week in Japan

held at Makuhari Messe after an interval of two years,

in December 7th, 2022 ~ December 9th, 2022.


 That's like that day.

AXmolding finetechjapan 2022

AXmolding finetechjapan 2022

Thanks to you, we are overwhelmed with emotion woth the graeter than expected large prosperity.

A lot comes to our booth through three days, and we are glad.

As our company is a smaller company,

what kind of approach is there because we come to be recognized to more people,

There is a problem like a mountain and repeats trial and error every day,

we realize it was at the good opportunity

when I was able to appeal to the person who does not know us by exhibition to this FINETECHJAPAN for our existence.


As we converted a part of the contents of our catalogue on exhibition to the FINETECHJAPAN.

If you want our latest catalogue, please get it from a downloading-link of the lower our HP.

We are looking forward to our future business dealings in the days ahead.

AXmolding finetechjapan 2022

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