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About the use purpose, the handling of the personal information

As We handle it with the use purpose about the personal information that We acquired from a person (We say "a user" as follows) using our service in the inquiry, the document downloading, and AXmolding (We say "us" as follows) lists below a method, We hope that We have you confirm it. 

Collection of personal information

We collect personal information by asking you depending on an input form and the need on the web site separately. As a general rule, I do not perform the acquisition of the personal information including contents to show next. But it is not this limit when the person gives oneself.

(a) Matters of thought, creed and religion

(b) Race, nationality, family origin,  permanent domicile (The information about the prefectures of the location is excluded), physical and mental disabilities, criminal history, and social differences other reasons and matters

(c) Matter about  the group negotiationsand and the act of the other groups action,  the right of organization of the worker 

(d) Matter about the use of right of petition, and the use of other political rights, Participation in a group demonstration act

(e) Matter about health medical care or the sex life

Purpose of use of personal information

<Administration of our service>

  • To handle for a Communication between person ("We say "a claimer" as follows) and us where We requested the documents in our homepage from a request matter including the guidance of seminars,  service, the allied product from us to a claimer

  • To take inspiration from the statistics document that made from the information of the user, and the improvement of the customer satisfaction and narrow target layer 

  • To handle for Opinion about the service, and an inquiry

  • To publish the contents which had you reply it in a catalogue and a brochure, the homepage as "the voice of the customer"(※) By the anonymity when wish to publish anonymous if it does, then cope like that.

  • In duties to contact it, when in the answer to inquiry and a document was sent back

  • A business talk and on-the-job communication, order receiving procedures, enforcement of payment demand business

<Information in our service>

  • Information about our service by the mail, telephone, FAX, E-mail, etc

<Correspondence to an inquiry or a request>

  • Correspondence to an inquiry or a request

<Accomplishment of the commissioned business of the business partner>

  • Accomplishment of the commissioned business

It deals with personal information only within the use purpose that obtained the person's consent beforehand unless it was accepted as an exception by laws and ordinances.

Request, making of statistics data


Based on the personal information that we received an offer, We may make statistics data in the form that cannot distinguish an authorized individual. About the use of the statistics data which do not identify an individual concerned, We shall be able to use us without any limit an offer implication to the outside in the company.

The arbitrariness of personal information

A user can refuse an offer of the personal information, and about the handling of the personal information by us. But, also, you cannot use our service when you cannot offer information said to be essential in the registration form of our service, and when you cannot understand it about the offer to third party of the personal information becoming essential on providing we service too.

The handling of the personal information

  • About the personal information that had you fill it out, We establish an administrator, and loss and a leak try not to occur.

  • We use the personal information that had you fill it out only for the use purpose mentioned above and may not provide it to the third party.

  • Please contact me at the following about inquiry of the privacy policy and  questionnaire contents.

【Contact details】

Personal information administrator of AXmolding Co., Ltd.: Watanabe

E-mail: Tel: 03-6423-7570

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